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Salı, Haziran 29, 2004

Quick and to the pointless

Nice title for me, a Queens of the Stone Age song. Actually i was gonna title it like "Writers on the Storm" featuring the magnificient Doors "Riders on the Storm" song but i got enough with the writers today. So i'm gonna pick "music" again.

Today was a big day for me. My script got accepted, but i was not so happy about it. That happens all the time. Whenever i receive happiness, i lost at the other side. Happened million times before, so i got used to that "creepy rules of life".

I came home, put my Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cd on and listened to their great music. You know, music was not bringing up anything new to its consumers since the the second half of 90's. Producers never achieved bringing on new titles and new sounds to music. And still i can't see any brightness in 2000's music. I still don't have the same taste like i did in the 90's while watching MTV, that's why VH1 became my favorite music television. Seeing 80's, and 90's programmes on tv makes a real great feeling for a person like me in those 2000's.
Then one day, i saw cheap ganster types singing silly songs. I used to listen to rap but those were not even hip-hop. Meaningless, cruel music become the hits of 2000's in the loss of those rock dudes. I blame myself for that. Why did we let these happen to our music. Why? God why?
90's has all the musical quality in every kind of music. Rap used to be a great musical taste with PM DAWN, sir mix-alot, the birth of Snoop Doggy Dog (it was actually a great rap style) but later on guys like Nelly, 50 cent become the faces of black music. I kept saying "Where is my PM Dawn, where is my Will Smith (a.k.a. Fresh Prince, wow) where is my rap?" but none of this cries helped me. Until Eminem bring a new taste to rap and maybe he saved all the real rap music fans. Hope he never changes his style. Who said "white men can't jump"?

Now rock is coming back. It's still has pure electric energy, breat-taking guitar solos and distortions and all other things we need. Especially The Strokes. They deserve the best. White Stripes, Datsuns, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and all the rock bands of our times. They are appreciated by all the rockers and maybe they have the responsibility to carry the same old rock spirit to new generations.

Tonight, i've listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens of the Stone Age, and now Creed. Rock music is back again folks. Enough with Nelly and 50 Cent craps. Two years later they'll all be history and then will be forgotten but rock will stay the same.

Of course we miss Nirvana, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Guns'n'roses and the rest of the rock bands of 90's. But those new bands have a great taste too.

Let's listen and remember all the rock "ancestors" and celebrate the new bands. they are a delight.

Girls singing songs in summer nights at beaches

Tomorrow (Today) is a big day for me. We'll make a presentation. I'm ready. Hope better (or an other nice) things don't come to my mind during the day cos it's ruining my attention all the time. Maybe that's why i couldnt achieve better scores during my education years. My mind is tend to distract at the very time by a little bit of thought pops up to my head.

So i watch an episode of Friends during my breakfast everyday. It's a better start than having just a cup of coffee. There is no closeness in coffee, but Friends does. Coffee is not my friend, it's actually ruining my life, but "Friends" becomes a friend of mine for the last year. I've seen every single episode (except the last 3 episodes of season 10) and each and every episode made me feel better and better (dont ask why) and i dont think i am the only one feeling that way. Friends gave us "closeness" and reminded the beauty of friendships again. Seinfeld was selfish and lack of other warm feelings that an audience might need at their own personal life.

Anyway, lots of thoughts are still racing in my brain, and Robbie Williams is singing "Feel". Evanescence (dont know the exact spelling) is still a favorite band here. I dont know why, but i got some theories. Turks prefer rock bands who has female lead vocals. We've seen that during the Cranberries years. Oh yeah. I was again not a big fan of them and again with evanescence. And there is also one good reason i have for that evanescence music:
I think most of the youngsters (including people at my age) would recall some girls singing english songs at summer nights spent with friends at seaside places. Everywhere i go as a seaside place, (Mediterrenean, Aegean doesnt matter-I saw them even in Ortakoy) they are singing loudly like they are waiting for a comment on their songs or some people would make a chorus with them. (No way Mrs Nice Girls-You're just a little bit early born for that Pop-star contests, i'm sorry). Those were just gross memories for me. I always hated those girls who are singing whether they are liked or disliked (most of the time disturbing other couples at the seaside), i think they are cursing every single day that they were born four or five years before those pop-star crap. Or are they the ones who're singing others people's songs and expecting applauses for their "talent" oh yes. It's funny. I'll applause them whenever they learn to listen others and appreciate other people.

I might be jumping from one topic to another, but as a rock band who has female lead vocal, i think the best i heard lately was Artificial Joy Club. The song title was also describing the girls singing at the beach: "Sick and beautiful".
Yes, those girls were almost the most beautiful girls within two miles, but they were really sick (not a judgemental attitude-they were really sick, they, themselve say so)

And of course, my friend Jani. She's also singing songs at the seaside, but not to others:) Just me. And , frankly those were the best rhtyhm and blues vocals ever (really). Hope she gets tired of this job with numbers and calculations (like Chandler's previous job:) and makes a new career in music. You gotta hear her singing "I'll always love you" and of course Whitney Houston's, not Bonnie Raitt's version:) And also Backstreet Boys ballads... It was amazing.

Enough with music. Robbie is still singing. I recall his MTV cribs sequence. It was funny. Let me tell you: He's giving a tour at his home in L.A. (where he's Stallone's neighbour) and he says "As a musical person i admire bands, especially those Beach Boys, they are a great band" while pointing The Beatles' picture at the dining room. Funny guy he is. I was mad at him while he caused a break-up of TAKE THAT, but now he received my appreaciations. Robbie! Hope you'll like my novel when it's translated into English in the future.:)

Tomorrow night i'm planning to watch "Dr Strangelove or how i stopped worrying and love the bomb". You know, Stanley Kubrick movie. And then i'll write something called "Dr Weird_Blog or how i stopped worrying and love the internet".

Oh Robbie, stop singin come undone. I'm gonna sleep.

Pazartesi, Haziran 28, 2004


These days are very important for two countries. Turkey and Portugal. I dont know what's going on in Portugal but Istanbul is such a mess. The city is almost empty like a country side. There are very few people around. Crowded buses became less crowded places for two days. I'd prefer this state of the city when we have a European sporting event would take place in Istanbul. At least we could have fun.

Anyway, i'm really not-a-big fan of those kind of events. Unfortunately some people dont want Turks to live like they wanna live so we always become tense with those kind of events takes place in Istanbul or Turkey. In the end it all makes our lives tense. I dont think that Bush would ever become that tense in his life.

This is my first blog. And it's also the same day of those Nato events in Istanbul. Yeah. It's a nice day for a beginning. Ain't it?