Murat Kaya

Salı, Aralık 07, 2004

Last night i was listening to Mick Jagger's Everybody's Getting High, and i realised that he adresses writers as important as almost directors at a production. At least i've seen his effort to honour the writers during the song. What else can make a writer walks into a set with a script in his hand and talks to the actresses? If there is a director standing there... I guess only Mick does that.
And also, by pointing the writer with a "he", might means a lot to male writers, isn't it? This, i guess, a remarkable thought for Mick. I can imagine how mad was Mick when this girl brought him the ideas of some stupid movie as a project. No offence baby. I ain't the one singing the song. He is. I mean Mick.

"Here comes the writer
He's got the script right in his hand
Talkin to the actress
While she's checking out the band"

You know, Mick is the only actual survivor of British music in the world. Where is Paul McCartney now? I guess he's playing "Who'll be the last Beatle" with Ringo at the moment. I bet, Ringo will be the next beatle to die. Cos i know in the end Paul would like to be called "The Last Beatle On Earth" and he'll be called just like the way he wanna be.
There are some lucky people in the world, and he's the luckiest. More than Madonna. Madonna spent all her life to become a celebrity, as Letterman introduced her on his Late Night Show once "She slept with every mr/mrs/miss big shots in the music industry" to achieve that. But Paul? Nah!

And also, is there anyone who would like to tell me what the hell is up with Sugababes. Everytime i see them, there is a girl absent and a new face between them. But who's the other girl? Or is she the same girl with a plastic surgery? I hope not. I miss the previous one. What was your name?

Time for me to go. I'll be off for months maybe. But i'll try to keep in touch.

Oh by the way, Douglas Bowman, thank you for designing that tremendous template. Feels like i'm in a temple everytime i re-check what i had written here. I know, it must be my first blog to write a thank you letter to you Douglas Bowman. Thanks again and again.